A practice is strongest when it flows from honesty.


People come to yoga for many reasons, usually physical or mental health related, but often they continue practicing because there is a deeper connection forming. Yoga has a way of seeping into every aspect of a person’s life, and if the practitioner allows it, he/she will be hooked to the practice. There is a reason yoga is so powerful. Yoga is deeply rooted in history while still being very applicable to modern time needs. Hand-Painted Yoga is a tribute to the teachers and practitioners that connect to the ethereal ideas surrounding yoga and to inspire them with artwork and aphorisms inspired by yoga.

The artwork is abstract to create space for the viewer's interpretation and inspiration.

Abstract Watercolors
Inspirational Aphorisms



Allison Krosnick
Owner, Painter, Designer

Yoga has changed Allison's life. She has been blessed to have teachers and guides along the way who have instilled philosophy into the physical yoga sequences that have resonated strongly with her. These messages continue to help her navigate through life, and she is passionate about sharing these messages through art to inspire other yogis. 

Emile Sorger
Contributor, Yoga Teacher, Co-founder of the Yoga and Movement Sanctuary

Emile teaches yoga as an inquiry, a discipline, a meditation and a celebration. His teaching draws from a variety of sources such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Religion, a variety of Yoga Trainings, an extensive study of Buddhist Meditation and over two years dedicated practice in Circus Arts. His classes are designed to integrate traditional and contemporary yoga postures with other forms of movement. His sequencing and philosophy are laden with creative metaphor and mythology which are woven together like threads which when pulled on can lead to discovery, authentic expression, joy and liberation.