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Art and yoga have the power to shift consciousness and help people focus their minds on what is really valuable—the connections to the earth, to the beings on it, to the source/god, and to one's soul. Hand-Painted Yoga brings art and yoga together in a bold, abstract interpretation in order to grab the attention of our distracted minds to focus on these philosophies on and off the yoga mat. Yoga is deeply rooted in history while still being very applicable to modern time needs.

Transformational growth happens when you work within. Support your growth by surrounding yourself with inspirational art that backs your mission.

Inspirational. Magical. Flowing.

Abstract Watercolors



Allison Celenza
Owner of Hand-Painted Yoga, Intuitive Painter, Co-founder of the Quest for Meaning Podcast

Allison has been an artist her whole life, seeing the world around her in a creative flowing way. About 10 years ago, she found herself on a yoga mat in a gym, and a light within twinkled. Yoga touched her soul and she has been learning from her practice everyday since. As she has brought her practice off the mat and into her life, she has found it a saving grace in times of turmoil and stress, as well as pride and joy. Hand-Painted Yoga is Allison's visual way of letting the philosophies of yoga flow through her. One of the pillars of yoga is to take the benefits and share them with the world and the artwork in this shop is meant to do just that. She hopes the messages flow through you and help you manifest your greatest life.

Emile Sorger
Contributor, Yoga Teacher, Co-founder of the Yoga and Movement Sanctuary

Emile teaches yoga as an inquiry, a discipline, a meditation and a celebration. His teaching draws from a variety of sources such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Religion, a variety of Yoga Trainings, an extensive study of Buddhist Meditation and over two years dedicated practice in Circus Arts. His classes are designed to integrate traditional and contemporary yoga postures with other forms of movement. His sequencing and philosophy are laden with creative metaphor and mythology which are woven together like threads which when pulled on can lead to discovery, authentic expression, joy and liberation.

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