Introducing the 'To the Moon and Back' Collection inspired by the powerful, sacred, feminine pull of the moon.

Feminine, Mysterious Power of the Moon

During twilight in the city I love when I am lucky to catch a glimpse of the literally takes my breath away.

  • Moon Phase Crossover Bag $60.20
  • ‘To the Moon and Back’ Collection Spiritual Art Print $30
  • Gypsy Moon Spiritual Art Print $24
  • Desert Moon Spiritual Art Print $24
  • Sacred Moon Spiritual Art Print $24
  • Mystic Moon Spiritual Art Print $24
  • Cosmic Moon Spiritual Art Print $24
  • Blood Moon Spiritual Art Print $24
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    "As soon as I saw the print I knew I needed one for myself and one to gift to my sister-in-law. Both of us feel a very strong connection to the cycles of the moon. "To the Moon and Back" perfectly depicts the beautiful, divine and sacred feminine nature of the moon. The paintings in this collection are simply breathtaking and truly capture the different energies of the moon."