Honor is not a word I usually hear throughout the yoga world and in spiritual conversations. It is a word often heard in relationship to the armed services or someone who has won an award. I’m hoping this blog post will shed a light on how honor can shift your perspective and open your heart, as it did mine.

The definition of honor is…

  1. high respect; esteem.
    “his portrait hangs in the place of honor”
  2. a privilege.
    “the great poet of whom it is my honor to speak tonight”

I have been using this word a lot more in communication with my wedding clients over on my sister business, Hand-Painted Weddings. To be honest, I picked it up from watching way too many episodes of “Fixer Upper”. At the end of each episode when the clients are over-the-moon with how happy they are at the work Joanna and Chip did, Chip always says, “it’s been a real honor to make this house a home for you”, or something along those lines…always with the word “honor”.

A few months ago I read “The Magnolia Story” on audio (highly recommend!) and in Joanna and Chip’s words, it went through the audio biography of their lives, how they became a couple and all the trials and tribulations they went through as entrepreneurs. It was not only inspiring to see what a power couple they are together and the love they share for the process and each other, but what I found the most awe-inspiring was how humbled they were. They truly saw God in it all and gave gratitude to him for all the lessons and blessings.

Through their humbleness and connection to spirit, I now see the word “honor” less as a word for high respect or esteem but as a privilege as it relates to gratitude. When I tell my clients it is an honor to create something for them, I’m sure it feels good to them, but it feels even better to me. It makes me want to put my hand on my heart when I say it. This is because of the feeling of love that radiates from my heart when I recognize the gratitude and privilege it is to serve others and create something that they can use to open their own hearts.

As we start this week off, I want to start it with deep and divine gratitude to be able to create for you, and maybe even inspire you. I am honored to write this message for you today. If this resonates with you, I’d encourage you to try using honor in a sentence to a client or someone you work for, and please let me know if your heart beams a little brighter too.