Guts over fear: Effects of trauma on the body

July 6, 2018By Allison CelenzaSurrender

Trauma in Motion Life is a series of challenges. Life changes you. I suppose that is the point. You come into this world with a certain disposition and your environment caters to your every need and helps mold who you are going to be from a foundational end. But then as you enter the world … Read More

Shaking up your stubborn ways

June 19, 2018By Allison CelenzaSurrender

  Shaking up your stubborn ways One of my most recent metaphysical hobbies/studies has been astrology—western astrology to be specific (not Vedic—though I did have a Vedic reading last month, but that is a story for another day). Anyways, there is a big thing happening in astrology today that astrologers have been hypothesizing about since … Read More